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Default Send Midi Clock messages to Reaper

Dear community,
My aim is to send a midi clock message from an external device in order to change the BPM of Reaper.

I am developing a device sending Midi clock bytes, 24 times per quarter note.

for the sake of clarity, I send series of "0xF8" command byte, according to the midi protocol but Reaper seems not to detect those messages while other software does. (other messages sent from my device, like note on or control messages are correctly processed by Reaper).

I want simply send midi clock messages, not MTC or SPP, because I don't need the playback function.

Is it possible to change the BPM of Reaper in this way?

many thanks

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If you want to slave Reaper to external tempo, you gotta use what's available there for external sync. Which is either MTC or SPP...
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REAPER can't sync to tempo from MIDI clock, as there are many places that require it to be able to predict the tempo during playback. You can set the tempo via OSC or by various actions, and you can synchronize playback start via MIDI SPP/clock or by LTC/MTC.
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Default CC to actions

Tank you for your quick answer.
I am new to Reaper and I didn't know about "Actions" to set the tempo in Reaper from midi controls.
I found my solution:

- go to Actions, select one of the "Set tempo ..." options
- click on the "Add..." button
- move your controller to make Reaper learn the control and the channel

whenever I want to change the tempo I only need to send a midi CC message instead of trains of 0xF8 bytes!
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