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Default fxlist for TCP

fxlist for TCP is in pre-beta state and probably will stay like this, use on your own risk.

Note: REAPER 5.95+ is required.

1) Download file for your OS: windows x64, macos x64, linux x64 and place it into UserPlugins folder.
(You can find UserPlugins folder, if you choose Options->Show REAPER resource/path in explorer/finder..)

2) Find action "Show fxlist window" in Actions list, run it, right-click popped-up window and select "Dock", dock it to left side along TCP. It's ready for use.
================================================== =========================================

Effects: Column for managing effects on tracks. Effects_list_example.
Favourites..: Custom multi-level context menu for effects. (Guide_HowTo). Favourites_example_gif.
FX comments and generic track fx info (total tooltip): Hold ctrl+rightMB(hold control+shift+MB) on a track block, tooltip will appear - showing quick total info for this track. Tooltip_example
Note: Sum of latencies of effects in total tooltip may differ from track's total latency.
Note: Don't invoke total tooltip during playback/recording, it can be intensive on CPU, use only in idle state.

Key&mouse shortcuts for effects column(mac in parentheses):
leftMB on empty cell to open fx browser.
leftMB on fx to show/hide float fx window.
drag leftMB on fx to copy/move single or multiple fx.
ctrl+leftMB(cmd+MB) to show fx chain window.
shift+leftMB to bypass single or multiple fx.
ctrl+shift+leftMB(cmd+shift+MB) to turn online/offline single or multiple fx.
alt+leftMB(option+MB) to remove fx.
drag leftMB on wet knob to adjust value.
ctrl+drag leftMB(cmd+MB) on wet knob for precise adjustment.
leftMB doubleclick on wet knob to reset to default value.
rightMB(control+MB) to show fx context menu.
hold ctrl+rightMB(hold control+shift+MB) to show tooltip with generic track fx's info.
middleMB/drag middleMB(control+cmd+MB/control+cmd+drag MB) on fx to mark/unmark single or multiple fx on 1 track for subsequent copy/move/bypass/offline/wet parameter adjustment.
middleMB/drag middleMB(control+cmd+MB/control+cmd+drag MB) on empty cell to clear single-track marks.
shift+middleMB/shift+drag middleMB(control+cmd+shift+MB/control+cmd+shift+drag MB) on fx to mark/unmark single or multiple fx on multiple tracks for subsequent simultaneous bypass or offline or wet parameter adjustment.
shift+drag middleMB(control+cmd+shift+drag MB) on empty cell to clear multi-track marks.
mousewheel to scroll view.

Sends: Column for managing sends on tracks. Sends_list_example.
Switch on Show routing/Receives/Sends/HW outputs in right click menu to be able to see routing column.
Save/Remove/Apply preset works only for sends&receives. (hardware output sends are not supported)
You can apply preset to single send or more sends, if you select multiple track blocks with middleMB and then apply preset to track, where you want to create receive from / send to selected tracks, all created receives/sends will have preset settings.
Worth mentioning, that applying presets to existing and creating new sends from preset are able to change number of track channels.
Mute master/parent works for single or multiple tracks, you can select multiple by middleMB and then select mute master/parent from context menu.

Key&mouse shortcuts for sends column(mac in parentheses):
leftMB to open routing window / controls window.
shift+leftMB to mute send.
ctrl+shift+leftMB(cmd+shift+MB) to switch send mode.
alt+leftMB(option+MB) to remove send.
drag leftMB to create send from one track to another.
drag leftMB on send value to adjust volume of send.
ctrl+drag leftMB(cmd+drag MB) on send value for precise volume adjustment.
shift+drag leftMB on send value to adjust pan of send.
leftMB doubleclick on send value to reset volume and pan to default value.
rightMB(control+MB) to show routing context menu.
middleMB/drag middleMB(control+cmd+MB/control+cmd+drag MB) to mark/unmark single or multiple tracks from/to which send will be created later with action from routing context menu (depends on which option is selected: "Send to" or "Send from").
shift+middleMB/shift+drag middleMB(control+cmd+shift+MB/control+cmd+shift+drag MB) to mark/unmark single or multiple sends/receives on single or multiple tracks for subsequent simultaneous mute or send volume or send pan adjustment.
shift+drag middleMB(control+cmd+shift+drag MB) on empty cell to clear multi-track marks.
mousewheel to scroll view.

Loudness Meter:
If you want to use this feature, TBProAudio's dpMeter 4 (4.1.0+)(VST2/VST3) should be installed.
When marked, dpMeter plugin gets added to monitoring FX chain and shows EBU R 128 values:
top number: Integrated loudness (or TPLR);
left number: True peak max;
right number: Loudness range.
Note: dpMeter plugin is CPU-intensive.

Key&mouse shortcuts(mac in parentheses):
LeftMB on meter's display to reset dpMeter parameters.
ctrl+leftMB(cmd+MB) to open monitoring fx chain window.
RightMB(control+MB) to show fxlist options menu.
middleMB(cmd+control+MB) to close all opened fx windows.

GR/Wet: GR_Wet_example
Shows approximate gain reduction meter (only up to -10dB) or wet parameter knob respectively.
Note: Keep in mind, GR in fxlist updates less often than effects (e.g. ReaComp), so values are not precise,
usually they show smaller reduction, but atleast it gives approximate picture of what's going on.
Note: GR +text mode is not recommended, it is the same as Gain Reduction mode, but also shows max values in short period of time in numeric form.

Tags: tags_example
Key&mouse shortcuts(mac in parentheses):
leftMB on tag to activate/deactivate tag (disable others).
drag leftMB on tag to move/sort.
ctrl+leftMB(cmd+MB) on tag to rename id.
shift+leftMB/shift+dragMB on tag/tags to toggle activate/deactivate multiple tags.
alt+leftMB(option+MB) to remove tag.
rightMB(control+MB) to show tag context menu.
middleMB(control+cmd+MB) in tag block to bypass/unbypass tags.

Controls window: For setting send parameters (Windows or Linux). Controls_example.
Keyboard shortcuts:
s, d = set number of channels of source/destination track.
1, 2, 3, 4 = set audio/midi channels for source/destination track.
m = switch sendmode.
v, p = activate volume/pan textbox.
up/down = while textbox is active, change value +1/-1.
drag leftMB on label to move window.
ctrl+leftMB on label to open fxchain of track.
drag leftMB / mousewheel on sliders to adjust vol/pan.
ctrl+drag leftMB / ctrl+mousewheel on sliders for precise vol/pan adjustment.
leftMB doubleclick on silders to set default value.
[, ] = show previous/next recv/send/hwout on a same track.

Scale: Change UI size 1x/1.5x/2x.
Tooltip: Show/hide tooltip.
Truncated cells: Show truncated fx/send cells or not.
Highlight float: Highlight in fxlist name of floating effect.
Shift float FX: Shifts FX windows a bit to not obstruct using fxlist.
Close all FX: Close all floating FX windows.
Show routing/sends/receives/HWoutputs: Shows routing column and turn on/off sends/receives/hardware outputs displaying.
Colors.. Edit colors.
IL thresholds..: Set IL values, at which text color will be changed.
Font size..: Set font size for effect names and LM values.

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