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Default Web Control with user pages

Well looks like it's not used the way I thought! I had restarted Reaper and found that they are now in the drop down menu.
So you can safely ignore my question..

Hi all,
I recently found out about the awesome web control feature. I'm using the default pages that were bundled with Reaper. There are some features that I'd love to implement and I've tried to write the HTML pages for that.

Now I have my own HTML pages and want to use them for my control surface. This is where the issue begins.

-> Control Surface/OSC/web control tab in settings
-> Click 'Add'
-> 'Control Surface mode'
-> 'web browser interface'
-> Under 'Default interface'
--> Click 'User Pages...'

Once I click User pages it only opens a file explorer and not a way to select the pages I've made.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?
(Double clicking open the HTML in my browser..)

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