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Default Pitch to MID converter

I would like to add a contact microhone to an acoustic instrument like a melodica, and when I play it, Reaper converts this into notes played by a VST.

Is this possible?
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Originally Posted by videosonix View Post
I would like to add a contact microhone to an acoustic instrument like a melodica, and when I play it, Reaper converts this into notes played by a VST.

Is this possible?
If you are talking about real-time conversion, it's generally possible, but possibly also cumbersome.

There ought to be wellmade audio-to-MIDI conversion tools for external use, for some cost. AKAI EWI is perhaps the most generally wellknown example of this, and has been around since the 1980s. Should be more recent products out there too. Such a tool will enable you to send MIDI directly into Reaper, a signalflow which Reaper will be more directly comfortable with. And most likely you will find far better audio-to-midi conversion in such products than in Reaper or plugins.

In Reaper, you'll need to find a plugin - or a programmer willing to help you make a Reaper plugin - that does audio-to-midi conversion. There are tools that do this already, but most of them are not really useful for true musical conversion. They're just too crude. You will just get pitch and volume converted, but not other nuances, and you will have to play your instrument according to what the plugin needs from you to do its part correctly, not with your usual personal freedom and expression. If you're a drummer perhaps, or a bass player, and you play real simple a clear, then they might translate correctly 100% of the time.

Here's a list of popular audio-to-midi tools for VST use: https://www.kvraudio.com/plugins/aud.../highest-rated

If you want to try out and and get a feel for however these tools are useful for you or not, I can suggest Knzaudio MIDIfier, a very simple VST plugin. I used that plugin plenty for realtime converting bass guitar to MIDI bass in arrangements 15 years ago when I was on Cubase.

Also consider that you will need the most clean, noiseless, direct and BS free signal from your harmonica that you can possibly get. A MIDI converter will easily pick up on- and misbehave from noise of all kinds. You may have better luck with other mic solutions than a PZM, like a dynamic mic, or an outside lavalier etc. A PZM might pick up alot of housing resonances, which there are alot of in harmonicas.

Last but not least, try finding someone who has tried this before you, and start a conversation to learn from them.

Good luck!
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Hi videosonix. I would just add to Colox's suggestions.

1. MIDI guitar is pretty amazing and plays well with REAPER - there is a demo I believe. This will work with chords unlike may solutions and seems to be good enough for live performance! Check this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8D2jEhbN7Y

2. Kenny explains REAPER's native ability in this area here:

3. Not real time (I don't think?) but this will produce MIDI as well as pitch correct and harmonize.

There is a cheap way of getting a lite version of this through the Computer Music archive (simply buying a current issue gets you access).
Be aware though that some users find it a little awkward to use and claim there are bugs although I have had some success with it.
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Those are great answers! Thanks guys.
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Melodyne will do this, and pretty impressively, though not real time. It's a pitch correction tool but gives you many options, including converting the played audio, either pitch and timing corrected or not, into midi. A tool well worth having, if what it provides is useful to you. You don't need the most expensive versions to do this. I have Melodyne Assistant, second from the bottom, and it does this very well.
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Do a search for imitone, their program is well developed. Input any tone from anything and record the midi. Dave
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