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Default Confirmed builds and building issues

Personally confirmed build and test on VS6. :-)

Near build on vs2003, has link error.
I'll look into it tonight again. Probably cockpit error

Not official source.
link error gone after *not* redefining printf, and just employing myPrintf instead.

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Confirming ninjam server build on OpenBSD 3.7 i386. db gave me the skinny on gmake when I was running in to issues with standard OpenBSD make.

Seems to be one issue with DOS/POSIX carriage return translation in ninjam/mpb.cpp:889 'no newline @ <eof>'
Also getting: 'warning: sprintf() is often misused, please use snprintf()' during linking of:
./WDL/jnetlib/httpget.o(.text+0x680): In function 'JNL_HTTPGet::connect(char const*, int, char*)':.

But I'm just chalking that up to OpenBSD's pedantic security.

Otherwise build/linking is flawless and operation is flawless.
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