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Default Cakewalk Key-Mapping in Reaper

OK, I'm old. My friends are old. OK.

That said I've got a buddy who is hooked on Cakewalk Guitar Pro. It's
an ancient version and the only reason he doesn't switch to Reaper is
because he's so used to the shortcuts.

Before I dig in and start to change the key mapping to match his software
(it makes a lot of sense for us to both use Reaper) I'd like to know
if anyone has done this already.


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Welcome Yosi, and welcome to your old friend too.

Alas I cannot help with pre-made key-binds that match your pal's old software.
In my experience with reaper, mapping Keys is one of the best ways to begin to get a handle on what exactly is on offer. The assignable actions is so vast and deep, that diving in is really the only way to go - in my humble onion.

Now, to add to the pile of possibilities you should look at the extensions on offer from Xenakios and SWS... Reaper on Viagra.


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Default Thanks but...

Hi T.

Thanks for your quick response. I checked out the plug-ins. Kind of whets
my appetite to write some stuff of my own (as if I've got time to start monkeying around with the API...)

Regardless, knowing my buddy (check him out at www.myspace.com/mervmusic ) I think I'm going to start searching through sanskrit files of ancient CW help stuff and start doing the 10 most used tasks from his software. G-d willing if I ever finish (or start?) I will post the results here...

Thanks again,

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