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Human being with feelings
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Default real time MIDI java class found

could this be the answer for MIDI syncing?

The MIDI Kit is a set of Java™ classes designed to serve as the basis for platform-independent and OS-independent real-time interactive MIDI applications. In the simplest case, the base classes may be used to build small, fixed configuration, stand-alone MIDI processing apps, similar to the included examples. More interestingly, the kit may be used to build a MIDI-processing network server, which may be programmed and configured dynamically by a client application running on the same computer, or any computer on the same network. The client could consist of a dedicated GUI application for MIDI processing or a larger application wanting to use the server for auxiliary MIDI processing. A full server application object (MIDIServerApp) is included, plus a set of Java proxy objects for use in building Java clients.
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Human being with feelings
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Default Woah!

I would love to have MIDI in NinJam ... that would triple my love for the application.

It might also be nice to optionally lower the bitrate for 256k dsl users (like me) to 90kbps-100kbps.
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MIDI would definetly help you in the bandwidth department.... however, realtime Audio streaming is always going to be a resource hog.
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