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Default Administrative Server Settings

I'm by no means a developer. I'm just a guy who's kinda savvy and is enthusiastic about this software.

Here's what I might "wish" for in dreamland ...

1) Server can be configured to make use of administrator's preferred audio encoding speed (between 24k and 128k). This might ease the load on slower servers. The client software would then react to the server settings and encode based on it's configuration.

2) Server can be configured to make use of administrator's preferred buffering time. This way, if my buddy is just across town and is subscribed to the same ISP as I am, there won't likely be much of a delay. So, I set my server settings to low buffering so that he comes through after merely 10-50 milliseconds.

I don't know much about how this software functions. These are just things I'm hoping to see on the web some day. Maybe you guys are the answer!

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