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Default Turning a Keyboard into a Musical Intrusment

I was wondering if it was possible to make a plug-in in JS that would turn your keyboard into a musical instrument? I was looking at the keys and noticed on American keyboard there are 61 keys.

Think this would be possible in JS or would using a language such as C++ be better for this sort of implementation?

I think it's an idea that would make a ton of money if it operated standalone and Audio Programs would see it as a MIDI device.
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No. JesuSonic is a scripting language that only allows you to process the audio and MIDI stream controlled by sliders, buttons and drop down boxes. Further you can read the documentation to see the capabilities and limitations of JesuSonic.

Now as for "mak[ing] a ton of money" I don't think so, as simple search would have turned up:
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REAPER has its own virtual keyboard
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