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Default PATCH: Daemon mode and Linux system service for the server

Hi all,

I just discovered NINJAM yesterday, and I was trying to set up a server on my own Linux machine. I thought the current server was not very much Unix-like, so as I had a few spare cycles I took the time to write a SysV init script for it, as well as patching the code to allow it to detach from the terminal and running in the background like any regular Unix service. I added the '=daemon' command-line option for this purpose, but haven't bothered adding a config file item for it yet.

I also patched the Makefile so that "make install" installs the necessary files. I have slightly changed the example.cfg to make it more suitable for a Linux server.

You can then just edit the config file in /usr/local/etc/ninjamsrv.cfg and subsequently manage the daemon by using the following commands :

service ninjamsrv start
service ninjamsrv stop

etc... Commands supported also include: restart, reload, status. It integrates the script in the system initalization so you can use ntsysv or any other system administration tool for this to make sure that it is loaded on bootup, etc.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Cool piece of software, I'm looking forward to jamming more with it!

PS: Diff against the currently posted 0.2 tarball attached to this post.
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