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Default Text overlay - text outline feature


I have been using Reaper video features on a couple of projects and find it really awesome. One basic thing seems missing, though.

It would be great to have an outline feature for the text overlay. Let me explain:

At the moment we have the background "strip", which somewhat does the job of improving text clarity, but is also taking a lot of video space unnecessarily.


What we actually need most of the time, is just the white text to be readable whatever video content is playing in the background.
We don't really need to add a strip to the video for that purpose.

>> What would work for most cases is simply outlining the text. Here is an example for clarity.

White text on white background can be read very clearly with an outline, there is no need to have a background strip.

Is that something that can be done by editing the script of the text overlay processor?

Note: I am not suggesting to remove anything. Adding this functionality would make Reaper video text feel more elegant.

Thank you!
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