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Default rpp2xml (reaper to nuendo xml)

Now it includes many steps before running the script, but over time I will do it by running the script only.

1 you need installed python 3.7.2 and make setting in reaper, install SWS.
Install "ColorSet.SWSColor" and "ColorToolBar.ReaperMenu" from zip for color items (its will transfer to nuendo)
2 [b]only audio items in project[b]; audio 24/48, placed in one folder(use it in all applications next steps)
3 unmute all items, save as edl sampletude
4 undo unmute, save rpp
5 open in sampletude and export to aaf(audio not include in single file)
6 import aaf in nuendo and export to xml (export selected track)

You have: all events with position, length, volume, track name, ... (from sampletude aaf)

7 place the .xml in the same folder with .rpp and rename it to “EXPORT.xml”
8 run script
9 wait

Now the script adds:
1 rename events to names of active items
2 mute events as items(aaf from sampletude delete muted items)
3 item volume envelope to env by pencil tool nuendo
4 color items (from my reaper color set (my toolbar and my color Set needs install))
5 type of crossfade (equal gain or equal power)
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