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Default M-Audio Axiom 25 / Enigma Software

A little while ago, the Enigma software that manages the preset banks for my M-Audio Axiom 25 stopped working on Windows 10. The program seems to run (it shows up in the Task Manager), but the GUI never displays.

Although I don't know the exact reason, I see that other people are reporting similar problems. It was working up until a few months ago, so I suspect the problem might be due to a recent Windows 10 update.

Does anyone know how to get the Enigma software working again on Windows 10? (I've already tried running as admin, and all of the Windows 7 compatibility mode stuff -- no luck.)

Do you know if there is an alternative third-party preset editor for the Axiom 25? (seems like there would be a market for one if there are enough people still using the Axiom-25 and the M-Audio preset manager no longer works)

Or know where to get the MIDI SysEx specification for the Axiom 25? If I knew that, it would be pretty easy to put together a Lua script to create/manage presets and transfer them to the keyboard over MIDI.

Although I have the skills, I don't really have the desire or time to reverse engineer the SysEx format by tweaking presets manually (one parameter at a time) and seeing how the SysEx dump changes after each parameter change. But if that's what it takes ...
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