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Default OSC makes automation write lagged values for NI plugins

Trying to use OSC to automate Native Instruments VST plugins, but its not working correctly.

Screen recording:

See how the automation value on the lane is always lagging one value:

- Watch the incoming OSC values and the fader in the plugin, they are correctly synced.

- Watch the automation lane value, its lagging one value behind.

The problem is, that when writing automation the value written is always lagging one behind (makes it useless for a button, it has always the wrong value written).

I have tested this with Native Instruments plug-ins (Machine, FM8, Reaktor) and they all have this problem!

All other plugins I have tested don't have this problem.

Any one who can help figuring out what is the problem? Did anyone find this behavior with other plugins?

Is it NI plugins that are not working correctly or is it Reaper doing something not right? Could there be some setting needed etc.

I guess it is something about the way that the plugin communicates to Reaper when writing with OSC - when dragging the fader directly in the plugin window the correct value is written.

I did ask NI about this and they told me that it probably is Reaper which cause the problem...(I doubt it, since all other plugins I have tested works flawless).

Really hope any one can help!!
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