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Default Possible to get more that 2 decimal places in stretch marker rate display?

Just that. Is it possible to get more that 2 decimal places in stretch marker rate display?

When you're zoomed into the sample level and alter the rate of an item (with linked pitch and time), the 3 decimal places may still not be enough but at least you still see a telltale of ".000" and you know you have a rate change at a glance.

Doing the same with stretch markers is not as slick. Here the rate display is only 2 decimal places and further, there is no telltale when making an adjustment below a certain point. The rate is always displayed on a stretch marker (even if 1.00) so you don't get the telltale of the rate number suddenly being displayed (even if reading ".000" with no further precision). The little blue/red telltales don't show up until after a certain point either.

I'm guessing there's no preference setting for this...
Maybe a way to hack in displaying more precision in a stretch marker rate display?
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