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Default DTX502 recording in Reaper

I hoping someone can help me solve this issue.Using Reaper
Tascam us1800
Yamaha DTX502 Edrums
Trying to figure out how to record the DTX502 using Ezdrummer as VST .I have the DTX connected straight to computer via midi USB. It's a little wonky to say the least but working.problem is monitoring all the other tracks I'm playing the drums to.if I monitor the drums from the US1800 interface I can hear my other tracks while I'm recording the drum tracks but the drum sound is just not good or loud enough thru my headphones.if I monitor thru the DTX module the drums sound awesome but I have no way of hearing the other tracks..which I need to hear to add the drum track..I like to make a few backing tracks of bass and guitar first using the reaper metronome then do my drum track against those tracks 2nd. I hope I'm explaining this right. Question being ..what's the best way to record playing my DTX using and monitoring the other tracks that I already recorded??.thanks
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