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Default Interface to elastique?

Hello, I'm working on a plugin that needs to do pitch-shifting and/or timestreching. Is there header file describing the interface for elastique dlls?
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First consider that naturally elastique will only work from a plugin hosted by Reaper. Reaper doesn't provide elastique dll's that could be utilized from another host application. (As that would probably be against the license deal Cockos has done with zplane.)

It works from Reaper extension plugins, I am actually just now doing code that utilises the resampling/pitch shifting facilities of Reaper (including elastique). It may work from VST plugins that are running in Reaper too (as would be indicated by ReaPitch and Reatune) but I don't know enough about the VST things to give any advice on that.

The pitch shifter interface is given in the Reaper extension SDK file "reaper_plugin.h" in the class IReaperPitchShift...You can obtain pitch shift/time stretch processing from all the modes supported by Reaper from that : elastique, Dirac Free, SoundTouch, low quality windowed...

The exact procedures to get the processing working are a bit fiddly, I might give the source code to do that when I am reasonably certain I am doing it correctly. (While it does run now without crashes etc, it may still contain some undetected bugs and mistakes of course...)

edit : Well, here it is in it's current form (you will of course need lot's of other code to make an actual plugin):


Take it with a grain of salt, it may or may not work and/or be sensible.
For info on SWS Reaper extension plugin (including Xenakios' previous extension/actions) :
Xenakios blog (about HourGlass, Paul(X)Stretch and λ) :

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