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Default Direct Monitoring the MR816 with Reaper

Making this post to potentially save others the Google search I've been on.

If, like me, you track with a Steinberg MR816 and you're thinking of migrating from Cubase to Reaper, you might be wondering how to get direct monitoring (DM) to function in Reaper. DM can be controlled directly in the Cubase interface, but not directly in Reaper. Since direct monitoring offers zero latency, it is IMO an invaluable recording tool, but to the best of my knowledge, Reaper does not support ASIO direct monitoring.

So, how? If Reaper is running, close it. Now open the MR Editor (icon in your task bar) and raise the volume of, for instance, track 1 to 0 dB. If you're receiving a signal, you will now hear it come up on your monitors or in your headphones, provided you've turned up the volume on those with the control knobs on the MR816.

Save the current configuration (important!) and close the MR editor. Run Reaper. You will find you can still hear the direct signal. Do NOT turn on monitoring in the track you've armed for recording, since that would add the same monitoring signal, only slightly delayed due to the latency dependent on the buffer size of your audio settings.

And voila, you can now record in Reaper while enjoying zero latency direct monitoring.
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