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Default Show instruments interface?

Hi, First post here. i just installed Reaper, trying to get away from Cubase and its many many problems. installation was lightning fast. i quickly inserted some virtual instruments and there I'm blocked. How to recall the instruments interface (to load presets, altering parameters)? I know it's really easy, but I coudn't catch it!

Anyway, congratulations to Cockos for what they've been doing !
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Click on the FX button and choose/highlight from the list.
Oh and welcome to the forum
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Ooooops, didn't click it cause i was sure it was to insert fx... After posting i saw there is a Newbieland in this forum. Will use it next time.
Thank you for the prompt answer. Do you konw if thezre is a keyboard shortcut to open it? Thanks again
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Like many things in Reaper there is an Action - and you can asign your own shortcut to it:

-- click [Options] , select show Action list,
-- type "fx chain" (without the quotes) into the Filter field,
-- select the Action: Track: View FX chain for current track",
-- in the "Shortcuts for selection action area, click [Add],
-- press the keyboard keys (+ modifier) that you want to assign,
-- click [OK]

You may need to try a few different ones to find one that is not currently used. You can click [Find shortcut] and type your desired shortcut to see if it is already assigned.

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