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Default Missing Files/Offline/Transferring files from computer to computer

Hi all,

I'm working with a few people and we're all new to Reaper so pls forgive my stupid questions and if this is a long msg

We recorded a few interviews for this POD cast were starting and have run into a few issues. We've recorded on one laptop with DAW, so we can use more then one mic. When we tried to transfer the file from one laptop to another via Google Drive or a USB it says we're missing files and the project opens in an "offline" status. We've even tried recording to an external hard drive and connecting the hard drive to the second laptop and still the same problem. We try to search for the files, but nothing comes up. We located the 2 files on the original laptop we recorded on and transferred them to the second laptop, but still it says the files are missing.

1. What are we doing wrong?
2. How can we fix this issue on the 10 interviews we've recorded?
3. What can we do going forward to prevent this issue (ie re-routeing to a more stable file location)?
4. Do we need the Rolland DAW plugged in in order to open it?

Please help
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After you record the file in Reaper, do you render it?

If that's the file you want to transfer to another computer, you probably need to render it first, call it whatever you like making note of the directory you save it to, then transfer that file to where ever you need it.
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Here's a method that should be foolproof.

Go to file/save as on the original computer with working project open.
Point it to a new folder and tick the box to copy all media to folder then OK it.

Copy that whole new folder to the next computer and open the project that is inside the folder.
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Some general links which should be helpful:

File management:
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