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Yes yes: On a SHARING site you need to share the content. Everybody understands
that. But the other side of the medal is that with this "sharing agreements"
you inevitably hand over rights to exploit your content. Everybody should be
aware of this fact. A fact that you tend to deny (sorry to say that).
Nothing is being "handed over". I'm not denying it, I'm telling you that for FB to allow sharing with each other, using FBs code and servers, they have to include a like-worded agreement to allow that to happen even without FB personally using the info - because, it technically IS FB if it is being shared on their servers/network by users you want to share.

Ooops, isn't that obvious?
If we talk about "facebook + copyrights" then "nearly all rights" are all
rights regarding the utilization of all content you post on facebook.
You don't transfer the copyrights to facebook, but you transfer "nearly
all rights" of utilization.
You did not transfer a single right because transfer means you don't have them after the transfer, you gave a right to share.

And no it isn't obvious. If you needed to prove this in any formal fashion, you must explain the explicit rights lost, one by one instead of generalized terms like you are using. It is the only thing that actually matters. Otherwise, it's just assumption and assumption carries zero weight.

Beyond all that I'm still waiting for the horrible thing that's going to happen and just how FB is going to make money off of your music, sell your music, prevent you from doing what you've always done with it etc. Details, not assumptions please.

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Great to have these comments.Really getting into areas I need to know about. GoDaddy was one in particular that I've heard of but seemed to have the impression keeping a domain name if switching might not be assured. I always hear ads for Squarespace on NPR but read of problems some people were having in selling their CD's. I haven't tried anything besides Facebook. As I said before, some of the people that like us definitely do not have Facebook pages. Also I wonder if places that I may be trying to get booked in will take me seriously without my own website? Thanks!
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