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Default Reaper MUI for Presonus Faderport 16

Hi all,
unfortunately I can't get the Faderpot to respond as it should in Reaper (latest version updated May 12th 2019) - I have reached out to Presonus a number of times and even they have given up.

Here below the full transcript - Hopefully this will keep Reaper users from purchasing the unit for now..It's an unfortunate situation as I can't really tell when and if Reaper/Presonus will allow for such integration and while I adore the faderport as a hardware unit I just can't experience the same workflow I have with Reaper in Studio One - Reaper is, to me, a much more well thought daw and it sort of feels like even though the Faderport is allegedly a MUI universal controller (aka no problem with Reaper on paper) customer will be forced to eventually transition to Studio One... which comes in at a whooping 400 GBP! Stuck between a Rock and a hard place!

p bonanno Thursday at 00:37
How do I set up my Faderport 16 with Reaper?

Avatar Technical Support Thursday at 16:27
Hello Bonanno,

To use your FaderPort within Reaper you'll first need to ensure the FP is set to MCU mode.
Power off the FaderPort
Hold the first and second "Select" buttons on the FP
Power the unit back on
Once the unit has powered up and displays "Select Control Mode" across the top of the scribble strips you can release the Select buttons
Select "MCU"
Press the eighth "Select" button ("EXIT" will be displayed on the scribble strip above this Select button)
You are now in MCU mode on your FaderPort and will remain in MCU mode even if you power the device off. To change to a different mode execute the steps listed above but select a different mode (such as HUI or Studio One mode).

Step 2 - Configure a Control Surface within Reapers Preferences
Open Reaper
Click the "Options" drop down menu and select "Preferences
Click on "Control Surfaces" within the Preferences menu
Click "Add"
Select "Mackie Control Universal" as Control Surface mode
Select "PreSonus FP" as your MIDI input and MIDI output

p bonanno Friday at 00:04
Hi, I just tried the above with my new Faderport 16 and it did not work
Also, "exit" was on my 7th select button, not the 8th

Technical Support Friday at 17:08
Hello p,

Please send me your computer's System Info file.

*NOTE: If you own PreSonus hardware, you will need to have your PreSonus hardware attached to the computer by USB or FireWire and powered on when you do this.

p bonanno Friday at 17:41
Hi Nick,
thanks for your prompt response, much appreciated.
FYI my equipment list is:
Reaper 5.977
Focusrite Clarett 8Prex
and the new Faderport 16 obviously

PC has Win 10 and it's a dell G5 i7

not sure whether you needed these info but just in case
Please find in attachment the file

Best Wishes



Technical Support Friday at 20:22
Hello P,

Thank you for getting back with us.

The NFO file shows your Faderport shows as connected and installed.

Have you tried different USB ports?

Id also like you to test the unit within Studio One, its Native DAW.
This will determine any Hardware Failure.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Nick Maggio
PreSonus Technical Support Rep

p bonanno Friday at 20:28
Hi Nick,
i have just tried and it does indeed connect to studio one and responds as it should

i guess the unit is absolutely fine then... the problem is still with reaper then

what would you advice as next step?

Avatar Technical Support Today at 14:54
Hello P,

Thank you for getting back with us,

At this point we would recommend reaching out to the Manufacturer of the DAW in question.
Reaper support for the Faderport is conducted within their Forums.
There may be some more information within those forums.
Please let me know if you have any more technical issues?


Nick Maggio
PreSonus Technical Support Rep
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I have the Faderport 16 too - I'm on a Mac but this should be similar for PC I'd think. Try using MCU mode on the Faderport 16 (holding first 2 select buttons and powering on...select second option), then 'Logic' (first option) then exit/restart (6th option).

Then, in Reaper preferences, go to "Control/OSC/Web", click add, select Mackie Control Universal for 'Control Surface Mode', then for 'MIDI Input' select 'PreSonus - PreSonus FP 16 - Port 1'. For 'MIDI Output' select 'PreSonus - Presonus FP 16 - Port 1'. Click OK. You should now be back at the "Control/OSC/Web" preference window. Click add again, select Mackie Control Universal for 'Control Surface Mode', then for 'MIDI Input select 'PreSonus - PreSonus FP 16 - Port 2'. For 'MIDI Output' select 'PreSonus - PreSonus FP 16 - Port 2'. Set 'Surface Offset (tracks) to '8'. Click OK. Click OK or Apply to get out of the Preferences window. There should now be 2 devices in the "Control/OSC/Web" window named Mackie Control.

In this mode, the faders, mutes, and solos all work....as well as the meters and readouts in the LED displays, and banking. The transport controls and automation modes (except for Latch Preview) should also work. You can find various workarounds to get the faders to automate other parameters too, such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aV_Xh_vS_Q

For me, the Faderport 16 works as well with Reaper as it does with Pro Tools through HUI. It's not like the Studio One integration (obviously better because it's a Presonus product) but with a few small workarounds it's pretty damn good.
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Thanks so much for posting this Tone Ranger! It not only fixed my faderport 16 when I migrated to a new mac, but also repaired a midi punchlight that had stopped working. You're a lifesaver.
—Registered REAPER user
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@CloseToTheEdge Really glad it was a help to you man!! :-)
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