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Default Are there scripts to go to a set marker?

Hi there
So as the title goes...
I want to use reaper live and have one big project that has all my songs in it with no multiple instances as cpu is crucial.
So one synth track, guitar track, vocal track, backing track and have automation change parameters meaning a very low track count but extremely flexible outcome.
I would like a marker at the end of each song I would like a marker at the start.
If possible I would like some way of creating a configurable set list play order using each songs start marker as a guide.
So at the end of the first song, the play head auto goes to the nest designated song and does nothing until space bar is pressed, and so on all the way through the set list.
Is there a script or is it even possible to have reaper stop at the end of each marker and go to the next designated start marker in this way?
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with sws extension you can do marker actions.

put ![action id] as the name of the marker

more info

That's basically what I've done for the ReaperWRB2 backing track example tutorial.
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