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Default SWS Extension Updates

For the latest and greatest info about the SWS extension, please go to

There you can find documentation for all of the features of the SWS extension.

Original post about the coloring features is below:

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted any news about my extensions, so here's the latest.

- Most of my extensions, Marker List, Snapshots, Freeze actions, Item/Mute states, ReaConsole, and now Coloring, have been consolidated into one .dll, reaper_sws.dll. It's installed with the installer sws_extension.exe. The installer just copies the .dll to your Reaper plugins directory, and if any of the old versions of the extensions are around, it deletes them to avoid conflicts. If you have any of the listed extensions installed, you should probably download the latest as many bugs have been fixed!

- New in this plugin are coloring menus and actions. You know those 16 colors that you can set in the Reaper color dialog as "custom" colors for your tracks and items? Now these are available directly in the menu for tracks and items as shown here:

This menu is also in the item settings menu available when you right click items, and there are actions available for key binding or macros.

-If you open the Color Management dialog (one of the menu options) you can save/load those 16 colors to/from a file so you can have color sets for different themes, or projects. You can also save the custom colors to your .ReaperTheme file.

From here you can also setup a start and a stop color that work with the "gradient" commands, so you can color your tracks as such:

-Themers, feel free to include 16 colors that work well with your themes in the ReaperTheme file. Add a section [SWS Colors] and values for custcolor1 through custcolor16 using the same format as the rest of the file. Save your current colors to the file first for a nice template.

-Aside from the consolidation and coloring stuff, there's lots of new actions as requested by folks, too much to list at the moment. Open the actions dialog and search SWS to get a taste.

- Note that this plugin works with the current stable release (2.53) and also the latest preview versions.

That's all for now, enjoy!

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