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Default Routing Reaktor Block Control Signals

I'd like to route Reaktor Block control signals, which are just audio signals. I think they often have a strong DC offset. I generate a gate pulse in an instance of Reaktor (VST) on Track 1 and then use that as input to a different instance of Reaktor on track 2. On Track 1, the signal reads a volume of 1.0 in Reaktor. When it arrives on Track 2, it reads a much lower volume. I'm not sure what other changes occur. The signal no longer acts as a gate. I also hear an annoying click, even though I try not to monitor the input. Has anyone gotten this working?
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If it’s just audio then it should just work. Check your Pan Law. If it’s anything other than 0, it can mess with your levels. Or maybe use PreFader sends for the control signals. It’s a good idea to route those signals on track channels other than 1/2 and any other channels you might be using for actual audio.
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