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I just got hold of a Faderport and I'm so pleased with how easy it is to set up and use in Reaper - thank you everyone who's worked on this project!

I really prefer to have all my changes visible on-screen, which means I like to have the FX UI open when I'm making changes e.g. with FX mode. However, FX mode doesn't interact with the UI much at all - meaning I have to:

1. Open the UI for the FX I want to control
2. Select the same FX again on the Faderport in FX mode
3. Click the parameter I want to edit (and Faderport will pick this up automatically, but only if I've done step 2)

Step 2 feels redundant in an ideal world. It would be great if either:

* Faderport's FX mode automatically selected the currently-selected FX (effectively making step 2 happen automatically as part of step 1)
* Faderport's automatic detection of clicked FX parameter could work even if a different FX plugin is selected currently (effectively making step 2 happen automatically as part of step 3)

Is anyone actively developing this driver still? Would the above be easy to do? (Or am I missing something and in fact it's already possible?)
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Many thanks for this. Just got a Faderport classic second hand and have got the basics working thanks to you. I'll investigate the more detailed stuff that everyone raves about later.
Best wishes. Bernard.
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A quick note about automating sends with Faderport, since several posters here have asked about it but I don't think anyone's posted a solution.

It seems like it's not possible directly (with the current driver) but I think there's a workaround for it, which is to:
* create a new track to represent your send
* send from your origin track to this new track (0db post-fader)
* send from this new track to your destination track (0db post-fader)
... as shown in this tutorial by Kenny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwfqrpmzPFI

That way, your new track basically acts the same way a normal send would, but it's also a complete track and so its volume (including automation) can be adjusted with the Faderport. (It does mean you clutter up the project with extra tracks, so you might not want to do it for everything - but for one or two key sends it might be worth it.)

Hope that helps someone!
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