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Default Pre-Roll Custom Action no longer working in v5.26

I've created for myself a set of custom actions to mimic the effect of Pre, Thru & Post-Roll, i.e. to audition a small piece of audio just before a cursor position (Pre), from that cursor position (Post) and finally play through both the Pre & Post (all this, to allow for precise editing on full mixes).

It used to work fine in v5.25 as you can see in this video:

Not much to say, it just works great!

Now the exact same custom action with the same transient detection settings & project settings, same media item, same location in the media item, but in v5.26:

As you can see, it now takes a few seconds to even start the action AND it doesn't always play the same section every time! It will sometimes play a little piece of the transient, sometimes not and also, it seems like you hear a rewinding to the start of the Pre-Roll point which I set at 0.1 seconds.

This makes the Pre-Roll totally useless of course!

After hours of trial & error testing to figure out the problem, I think I've managed to isolate it to the fact that in v5.26 it fails as soon as the playrate is anything other than 1.0!

Of course, it would be much to ask the Reaper team to fix this on account of just my custom action but obviously this points to a problem that I imagine will affect lots of other situations in Reaper as well.

This is the Custom Action:

Loop points: Set end point
Xenakios/SWS: Move cursor left configured seconds
Loop points: Set start point
Transport: Play
SWS: Wait until end of loop (if playing)
Transport: Stop
Go to end of loop
Time selection: Remove time selection and loop point selection

For the 2nd action, you set the 'configured seconds' under Main extensions/Command paramaters.../Seconds (edit cursor). That's under 'Nudges' right column, I set it at 0.100

And to make it easy, rather than recreating the Custom Action, I've also attached the CA in case some kind soul is willing to troubleshoot this!
Thx in advance

PS don't know what's wrong with the youtube BBCode but the videos don't seem to play?! So I've added the link just below the videos.
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