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Originally Posted by TheM View Post
how it is possible that Windows still can control audio signal between Audio device and DAW?
ASIO drivers are usually only used in a DAW under Windows ... macOS is a different story, which I talked about in your quote above.

When I was still a Windows user, I had a Tascam interface, that came with 2 drivers, a normal audio driver for Windows sounds, Youtube, etc. and a second driver, the ASIO driver, that could only be chosen in a DAW. When I used the standard Tascam driver in a DAW, I had bad latency issues. Nevertheless it was possible to use both drivers in parallel, e.g. stopping Reaper's playback (ASIO driver) and starting a Youtube video.

It might be helpful, if you explain, what exactly is your problem with the ASIO driver you are using ... which audio interface, driver version, Windows version?
Greetings from Germany


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Sweet Wind
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Zoom U-24 works fine in Reaper. I'm in Windows 10.
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Default Behringer XR-18

I hope this isn't unnecessarily redundant.

I know that it was already posted as working, but I figured I'd clarify: with Behringer's Windows 10 ASIO driver, the XR-18 sends 18 channels / receives 18 channels via USB on Reaper 6. (ASIO 4 All did not work for me.)
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Originally Posted by Sweet Wind View Post
Zoom U-24 works fine in Reaper. I'm in Windows 10.
Yep. Win 10 here also and my Zoom U-44 interface works fine.

The Zoom H6 recorder also works fine in both Stereo and Multi-channel interface modes.
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Jens K
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Zoom R24
8 in and 2 out, works fine as soundcard, and also as controller.
In order to make it work as a win daw interface, I downloaded a zoom asio driver at
Zoom’s software page, (asio 4 all only works with 2 ch)
Regards from Denmark

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Default old TERRATEC Phase 88 Rack FW

Last month i bought for cheap an old but great TERRATEC Phase 88 Rack FW device, sounds much better than a lot of named garbage they sell these days!!

Works on:

Win XP
Win XP64
Win 7 32 bit
TUTORIAL:CONTROLLARE REAPER DA CELL/TABLET https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=207711
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What ever happened to them? I heard they may have bought a gaming hardware company
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Robert M
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Default Soundblaster Audigy SB0090 not working with Mixer

I'm using Reaper 5.0 & my EM-U1212m is starting to go so I picked up a Soundblaster Audigy SB0090. I ran the "In" to "In" & "Out" to "Out" set all up in Windows 8.1 "Sound Mixer" but no matter what I can't get it to work with my 12 channel "Analog Mixer" no matter what I set in "Reaper" for "Input" & "Output".

I downloaded the trail of the newest "Reaper" which has "Shared Loopback" & that works for streaming audio but my "Mic", "Guitar" ect. when armed in "Reaper" does not show any signal. I tried my "Onboard" sound & works prefect but has noise.

I know the KX Project 3552 drivers/mixer is just as confusing as the EM-U for routing (which in the new "Reaper" no longer shows "AUX L" & "AUX R") & I have no clue how to re-route the signal.

Anyone know why this won't give me signal?
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Default Roland Octo

Roland Octacapture 8ch..... with latest Asio4all...wrkn fine for my band recording needs.

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SSL2 interface - Windows 10 Stable

Installed Reaper on Mac Mini at work with 2 x AVID 16x16 Analogue with no issues either. yay
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Picked up an IK Multimedia 'irig PRO DUO I/O' to use as a portable rig with my ipad or phone. Have been using it with REAPER on Windows 10 pro x 64 as well.
Works great.

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