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Art Evans
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Default 1.17 - jerky cursor movement on playback if I do this -

I've now set wavpack files to open in Reaper.

I create a rubbish project with a couple of tracks of audio, render, and press the "Launch File" button. As expected, this spawns a new instance of Reaper with just one track and the rendered file on the track (handy!). It plays fine.

But if I switch to the original project, when I play back the cursor jerks across the screen rather than smoothly crossing.

Closing the second instance of Reaper still leaves the cursor in the original instance jerky.

Closing that and reopening it restores the normal smooth cursor traverse across the screen during playback.

There doesn't seem to be a problem if I use "show in explorer" after the render and double-click on the file to open it in a new instance - the problem only arises with the "Launch File" button.
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