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Default "No Asio Drivers Found" - Motu 828MK3

So I've used the Motu 828mk3 Hybrid with Reaper for a while, and it has worked great, but out of nowhere, I loaded Reaper and it tells me it can't find any ASIO drivers. Other programs, like Wavelab pick up the 828's ASIO drivers no problem, so I think this is a REAPER issue.

The only thing I've done differently--the last session I did, I saved the project file on another hard drive, and of course all the raw .wavs were saved there too, so I was "working out of" a different drive than the ASIO drivers. Did Reaper somehow start looking in the external drive for the ASIO drivers or something? Is that possible?

I've reinstalled all the MOTU drivers and firmware, switched between Waveout, WASAPI, and ASIO repeatedly, and still it shows no ASIO drivers.

Should I do a fresh install of Reaper, or does anyone have a better idea?

P.S. - This is the firsst problem I've had in two years of running Reaper, and I'm super impressed with the DAW as a whole. Thanks in advance for your help!
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No, saving to another hard drive is a good thing and not related to your problem.

Did you go into Preferences and turn on the inputs & outputs?

If so, I would just go ahead and reinstall Reaper (nothing in your projects will be wiped by reinstalling bytheway)
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