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Default 0 + _____ = Reaper + ♥ ♥ ♥

Right now I have nothing (nothing!) but a Thinkpad W520.

Tomorrow I pick up a little M-Audio MK-461C USB keyboard controller, with no built-in sounds.

Immediately after, I install and buy Reaper because ♥.

But what do I need next?

I just want to make some sounds and sometimes hit record. I guess I need a soft synth of some sort, right?

I'm not as newbie as I sound. I ran a recording studio from like 1985-1998, but back then it was MIDI cables, and giant samplers and synths 3 rack-units high. All sounds came from the external synths. So I'm new to this "everything in the laptop" way of doing things, and would love to know what works well with Reaper.

Just VST plugins? Or any soft synth?

Thanks for any guidance.
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Welcome to reaper land.

A good place to start is this thread which dates back to 2010 but is kept up to date.

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Welcome to the forums. A good selection of free synth vstis can be found here - TAL Noisemaker and U-No-62 are particularly good, imho. Also very good is synth1, takes a bit longer to learn. Remember to be careful - only download from trusted sources.
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