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Default .caf files and REAPER

I hope this is the right forum for this question. It's not really about compatibility as much as file handling, so, mods, please move this if I'm in the wrong place.

I'd like to be able to use the .caf files that come with GarageBand and Logic in REAPER. Is there any way to get REAPER to use import Logic's .caf files? I think I remember reading a post about a wrapper or automated converter that someone wrote, but searching the forums here isn't turning up any results.

An extension or script that allows importing or "on the fly" conversion would be the best solution. Batch processing would work, too, though it's not ideal. Does anyone know of a freeware solution that does either of those?

After leaving Logic for REAPER, I never, ever want to go back into an old Logic project again if I can avoid it. I tried it once about a year ago, and ended up bringing everything into REAPER and starting over again, but to do so, I had to export the .caf files as .wav files.

I know there are commercial batch converters out there, but I'm on a really tight budget after several years of dealing with spinal tumors, and really can't afford them right now.

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Looks like you asked the "unanswerable question". As vocal as this Forum is, to have your inquiry lack a response for over a week kind of answers the question itself. The batch conversion that you mentioned seems like a viable compromise.
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Try this totally free and great audioformats conversion Utility:

I just tested .caf to .wav Batch conversion with this Utility and it seems to convert a whole folder of .caf factory Apple Loops very fast to .wav files, no problem.

However, i dunno about the mediatags in the .caf files..
They problaby won't get transfered to the wav files during conversion with this Utility.
(Sorry, i can not test this).

Hope this is helpful !

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May be this: http://www.matthiaskronlachner.com/?p=2172
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