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Default *Important* Info Re: REAPER 32-Bit AND EastWest PLAY_Plugin!!!


I've been this close to pulling out all of my hair trying to get this issue resolved to no avail, until I looked closer and discovered a subtle, yet tell tale change that interrupted my music creativity....

The issue?
Upon updating the PLAY engine...REAPER 32bit did not see the PLAY plug-in
as it once did...

The latest update to the PLAY engine (whether 32 or 64bit)
is version number 1.2.5

I noticed that before this update, REAPER 32bit would identify the PLAY engine no problem, using a 64bit computer (or host) and a 32bit DAW in REAPER...

After the update, the plug-in filename for the PLAY engine changed, and added this character: _ in its .dll filename. The 64bit PLAY filename has two of these _ characters, however remained unaffected by the update...

Simply identify the plug-in location, double click and delete this: _
If you were in REAPER, just exit, and reload.

I hope this helped some of those who may have been feeling stuck.

Kind Regards...
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Thanks - I was about to try this as I had a similar issue with the V2 update of Play.

In fact I just removed my VST folder with Play in, rescanned, then added the VST folder with Play in and scanned again and it's magically there. o_O
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