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Default Dual Pan Mode/Stereo Width Knobstacks

Pure newb here trying to figure something out.

In the walter guide it says:

"In dual pan mode, the pan control acts as the Pan L control (put it on
the left if its a knob!), and the width control acts as the Pan R control"

Does this mean that you can't have different looking knobstacks for Pan R and Width ?

"Edit" Sorry folks, i realized i have to create a separate layout for each mode if i want this.

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It would be nice to have 2 knob stack files specifically for dual pan mode; one for the left channel, one for the right. You could then design & color them differently to provide helpful feedback to the user.

Currently, we have tcp_pan_knob_stack.png.

I suggest these names, or something similar, for dual pan mode knob stack files:

These two files would be ignored for the other three pan modes (classic, stereo balance and stereo pan), and only used for dual pan mode.
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This theme'r figured out how to create two versions of the width stack that work alternately between stereo pan and dual pan modes...


I've dug into the code and have found the pan and width stack names have an added "_1" or "_2" at their name's end for matched sets, but haven't yet been able to decipher how it works. If anyone knows, I would appreciate any insight!
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