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Default TRACK_VOLUME_TOUCH OSC message from Reascript

Hi All,

I'm trying to get the OSC message TRACK_VOLUME_TOUCH to work from Reascript so I can record track volume automation from Reascript to work properly when in Touch automation mode.

I'm sending the touch message eg /track/1/volume/touch - with a value of 1 for the flag via the reaper.OscLocalMessageToHost command. But this doesn't seem to register.

So a simple script to test is:

reaper.OscLocalMessageToHost("/track/1/volume/touch", 1)
reaper.OscLocalMessageToHost("/track/1/volume", math.random())
and setting track 1 automation mode to Touch.

The second message to set the volume of track 1 is working fine.

But the first message to tell reaper that the volume on track one is touched does not and whenever I run the script - the envelope immediately reverts to the previous value as if the touch message has not been received by Reaper. I'm expecting the envelope to stick to the random value - because I have not sent a /track/1/volume/touch 0 message to disable the touch flag.

Has anyone any ideas?

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