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Default SSL Native V6 strange behavior while rendering and playback

Hello everyone,

I am a new user of SSl Native V6, previously used duende native. I've just upgraded my studio PC, it's running win10 64bit and has Native V6 installed as 64bit for use in Reaper (5.95). I also did the install for 64bit duende native, to continue working on older projects. The interface I use is M-Audio ProFire 2626. I am having a strange problem:

I am working on 24bit 96kHz setup. During the work on a project vst's behave normally, both UI and processing. The problem starts when I do the rendering:

1. Only offline render comes out OK as long as it is done with parameters set on the interface (24bit 96kHz)

2. Online render with the same parameters comes out almoast OK - there are some very quiet glitches on the whole track.

3. When I render to mp3 or wav that has a different sample rate than 96kHz - all the mixer tracks with V6 on them are not rendered! I can hear only tracks without V6 inserts. Sometimes when I close the render widow Reaper shuts down immediately, without any message or warning. If it doesn't shut down, then when I do the playback, the tracks behave as if they were muted - I can see that the meter strip is bouncing but the signal is not passed to master channel. Once I deactivate, then activate the V6 plugin - playback goes back to normal.

I did try to search for this problem, but it's a very specific one, couldn't find answers. I was thinking maybe it's because of RAM, but I never had this problem before, even now I can have a few fully loaded Izotope Ozone Vst's and the renders come out fine. I also tried to set the vst behavior in preferences - no results.

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Didnt realise Duende native had gon obsolete. Just downloading Native V6 & will check it on my onw surviving Duende native plug, since they have done away with X-|Verb. Glad I can sdtill use it!

Will let you know how I get on.
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