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Default Random black frames in rendered video

Hi there.

Working with videos (on windows) I often get unexpected black frames. They are few over the whole song's video.
If I render again I get them at different times in the video. At times I get no black frames, but it seems really unreliable.

I am basically fading videos placed on about 4 tracks, by automation of the opacity video processor. The black frames seem to always happen somewhere in the fades. But not always at the same places.

Anyone encountered this problem? Any solution?

Thanks a lot.

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If you're not using "frames" as your timebase, it's possible you're not snapping the start of one item to the end of another (to the exact frame).
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He said it's happening within fades so the items are not split at that point.
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Thanks James and Fergler.

I had not thought of this potential issue of snapping to frames, but, as Fergler points out, the black frames happen in the middle of items too, so the problem must be another. I thought they were happening in fades only, but they do happen anywhere.

After some investigation it seems that some backup services on my PC are interfering with Reaper's rendering. After a restart and quitting these services, the render is flawless. (a single restart wouldn't solve the issue).

If these services make use of the disk and maybe of some CPU power as well, I would just expect the render to take longer but be perfect, not to silently produce a failed render.
This is weird, and made me lose much time.

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