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Default "Vocal Keyboard" VST plugin

I have been trying to use the vocal keyboard plugin with Reaper lately. It sort of works, but only really if you are using one track at a time. The plugin has an on-screen piano keyboard that you can play with the mouse while an audio sample is going. Since the mouse isn't very good for making chords, there is a button to make the piano keys into toggles.

Problem is once I get all the keys in the chord I want entered and I hit play, the keys all get cleared. I can get around this by pressing play, pause, and then the "go to start" button, then picking a note, and then hitting play, but this only works for one time, then they are cleared again. It would only get more complex with more tracks.

I have tried messing with the settings a bit, but I really don't know what's causing it. It works in LMMS, but LMMS don't work too well in windows.

Using Windows 7 x64
Reaper 4.02 x86

Any thoughts?

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