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Default couple of small bugs/sugestions

these are small issues taht (in my opinion) would improve functionality of reaper:

-why to display OFFLINE text when focus of main window is lost?

- when I'm using other windows i know that reaper is offline :P

-when using mouse wheel as zoom try to zoom the very begining of track - impossible

-add option to center the screen after mouse zoom in

-odd behavior buttons - when mouse is down buttons should be in down position - try frequent fast clicking - flustrating when clicking undo many times- only every other click works

-stop button after one click should stop, after second click should return to start position, after third click - to the begining

-there is something wrong with zooming out (horiz. and vertical)- scrollbars are always visible with small gaps at the end

-when resizing left panel with faders/moving the begining of a waveform- cursor is the same -resizing regions too close to each other

-moving waveform with nice tooltip on it when snap to grid is enabled- tooltip "jumps" with waveform and it makest it impossible to track text changes on it -> move it to some fixed region(maybe status bar) or smoove it somehow
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