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Default soloing a track with sends..

A track that has sends and its master output disabled is essentially a routing mechanism. Still, it would be good if we could solo that folder track and the assosciated send tracks would be soloed along with it.

Does that make sense?

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Makes a lot of sense! A special solo mode which basically would be "mute all other tracks except the ones I've routed to"... Maybe CTRL + Solo button or something.
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Default make solo assignable to alternate output! like ableton

make it like ableton live: let solo go out to another channel, not master only.

just like any live mixer. solo on a real mixer NEVER effects the master out, its for monitoring levels while main out is the live show! even in the studio, until cubendo added the "listen" bus, i always needed a way to monitor while a band is in the middle of a take, say i go, is the vocal track clipping? so i can stop them if its a wasted take, or NOT stop them if tis fine, also for checking others headphone mixes, etc...
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