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Default PLEEEASE, item list...

that shows all the unique media items created in the current Reaper project and from which one can drag the items on to the tracks for re-use. With rename, delete unused items from list, sorting by name/duration/timeline position etc options...

I think most people here don't know why this should be in Reaper or don't simply need it. However, imagine that you would want to compose or design sounds consisting of a large library of shortish items. Reaper currently offers no convenient way to store, find and re-use such item collections. I know, there is the Media Explorer but it only shows files that exist on the computer's hard drive, making it necessary to first render/glue items as new files, which is not so nice and tidy.

Would you wonderful Cockos developers please consider this? I'm practically begging.....

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++1 Yes please! I would also find it extremely useful.
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I think many folks here long for a pool/bin-like feature set. An expanded media explorer.

a quick search of the forum will reveal many requests and some great ideas.

+1 from me


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++1 from me, too.

This feature helps a lot: a pool of new items, also with preview of waveforms/small piano roll and other data.

And, a searchable mega-database of all items from all projects.

As Tallisman says, quite a few related ideas exist in this forum, which could also be used.
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