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chip mcdonald
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Default Quantizing that understood mixed triplets/duplets, and compound rhythms

I don't use midi much, so maybe this is implemented in Reaper somehow and I don't know (see my "Unique Features List" thread)...

Sometimes, when the moon is full, the koi are jumping and Barichello is winning in Brazil, I get the wild notion to try to midi-record a drum machine live performance.

Invariably I'll want to quantize it, and tweak certain hits to a live track for "feel".

The problem is that most of the time, I want to play something that has either a compound rhythm to it, or merely a triplet.

Quantizing doesn't like that.

Mathematically there is a way to make it work. If you've specified an approximate tempo (which you of course have to do), the triplet offsets should have a "weight" applied to them for beats that don't fall evenly.

Not only that, but I'd think quantizing should up it's resolution automatically if it detects a faster note grouping. I shouldn't have to specify a quantizing rate.

Maybe there's already a midi editor that does this (I'm relatively ignorant of midi editors), but if not...

Reaper should.
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Gerry G
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Default Quantising

I think that Ableton does this in having lots of 'quantize' options. Additionally there is 'Groove Quantization' which is available in some other packages. Reason has interesting quantization options and I forget what Cubase Nuendo was like but I believe there were a few variations to the quantisation options there too.
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Default Surprised

I used triplet and dotted a lot and am frustrated that the lack of any way to quantise such signatures totally prevents me from moving over to Reaper.

Come one, what serious music application can have quantisation that doesn't cover it!?
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Set quanitse to 1/12.
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reaper can quantise to any consistent value - what it can't do at the moment is quantise to a groove or irregular grid. But reaper is fine for triplets, or any other ratio of whole numbers
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Tripplets are already there. They are just nor called like this. You have to set it to 1/12 or 1/24 or anything else that devides by three. For dotted notes I have no idea. I really think that there should be standard notation, at least as an option. Furthermore, Groove Quantize would be absolutely fantastic.

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I think we might be discussing something similar on this thread.



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a "smart" quantize is the Holy Grail both of sequencers and of notation applications.

It would be great, if the quantize window could display multiple "zones" based on detected rhythms, and allowing user to easily move some notes from triplets to duplets and back.

Or to identify characteristic rhythmic grooves that are repeated many times, and you could manually quantize one, then clone the rhythm.

Some notation applications (Overture) allow selecting a few notes, and forcing their staff notation into tuplets (with or without quantizing the notes themselves).

...and as we're talking about quantization: Lords of Cobol (or C! ) please, give us nondestructive WYSIWYG quantizing in Reaper as it is in Logic.
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