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Default Blue Cat Audio Guitar Contest 2018

Hi guys,

for those interested Bleu Cat Audio is running a guitar contest:

Prizes Worth $1,796


Submissions are to be entered in before November 15th, 2018.


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That's a pretty clever form of marketing.

"All you need to do is record yourself playing your own guitar solo on the JTC backing track, using one of our amp simulations plug-ins: Blue Cat’s Free Amp, or the demo of Blue Cat’s Destructor or Axiom. Upload your video to your YouTube account and share it on the Blue Cat Audio Facebook page. 10 players will be selected from the YouTube likes, and the final jury (composed by Martin Miller and the Blue Cat Audio team) will vote for the 4 winners."

In essence, it gets people to familiarize themselves (i.e. download the plug-in and use it) with Blue Cat products, become a promoter of Blue Cat products by uploading a song recorded with their product to a personal YouTube site (i.e. get all your friends and others to learn about Blue Cat), and then cross pollinate the publicity by posting the clip in Facebook.

Do this free publicity for Blue Cat hoping that enough people with LIKE you recording so that a judge may possibly select you as a winner of the "talent" contest.

Reminds me of all the talent contest where people pay hundreds of dollars hoping that 'an unbiased' jury of 'experts' will select their song and make them magically famous. In the Blue Cat promotion the contest is free ($) to enter, because it is not really a contest, but a clever form of multi-level marketing.

Note: I think I remember downloading a (grrr) -- another case of test this out, but get all that unwanted stuff in surplus. I ended up deleting everything, because... Well, Meh...
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