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Default laptop real estate

Hi everyone. New user here. I am using Reaper on a Toshiba laptop.
The screen is small, 13". Any tricks or tips for dealing with a small screen?
Fyi, I will only be recording at most 4 tracks, maybe. Thanks
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Welcome to the Reaper Forums!

In case you haven't already found them, make sure to check out the User Guide (https://www.reaper.fm/userguide.php) and Videos section (https://www.reaper.fm/videos.php) in general.

Some links which should be helpful:

The screen is small, 13"
What's the screen resolution?

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This video has some tips that I've found helpful on my 13" Macbook


also, you can run in fullscreen mode to the hide the menu bar.

In the mixer there is an option to show multiple rows of tracks, I don't really like it, but it is an option.

The Default 3.0 theme can fit more tracks on screen as well.
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I just go into a bigger monitor via vga cable.

Sometimes I go into my 42 inch TV via HDMI too.
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