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Default ReaStream problems (It's more a Windows issue, I know).

I've been using ReaStream now and then, just as a tool to save up some CPU power when composing with plenty of VSTi's. I've got 3 computers in a closed LAN network. I set all of them to the same samplerate and number of samples value and more or less it worked for me. I sent MIDI data from the "main" computer to the other two, and I could monitor the "auxiliary" computers output through the audio inputs in the "main" computer. It was a great help.

But recently I've gotten a Windows 10 license for one of the auxiliary computers (the other two use Windows 7 Ultimate). My LAN settings are supposed to be OK, but now that Windows computer has become too slow when receiving MIDI Data through ReaStream. My LAN device now shows that particular computer's status light as "amber" instead of green. I've tried following some advice on slow LAN results in Windows 10, but to no avail. I'm wondering if Windows firewall is to blame for it. This is the site I mentioned before - it's a fix for slow LAN speed on Windows 10 PCs: https://windowsreport.com/fix-slow-lan-speed-pc/

If somebody out there has encountered the same kind of problems, please share your solution! (or your grievances).

Kind regards and greetings from Spain.
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