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Default Midi Controller knobs not working when playing a MIDI loop

Hi all,

first post, I hope this question isn't too stupid

My problem is that the controls on my midi controller (Roland A-300 Pro in case it matters) don't work anymore when playing back a midi item with a VST attached (Diva). However, they work fine if the item isn't played back. The midi item loop seems to somehow block all input from the A-300.

My test project looks like this:

I assume I have some misconceptions about how this should work since I'am new to reaper and that whole audio stuff in general, but I couldn't get this solved. I've tried different settings, played around with the midi settings but nothing.
I've also tested the same thing using Cakewalk which let me choose a "A-300 OMNI" midi source and there the knobs work as expected when playing back a loop, so I think there might be something wrong with my midi settings in reaper.

My midi settings look like this:

I've tried several combinations, just Enabled, both of them as shown in the screenshot, using A-PRO 2 for control and A-PRO 1 for notes and so on, but no luck. A-300 Input is dead when playing back the loop.

Hopefully anyone has an idea what causes this behavior since I'am really stuck at this point.

Thanks in advance!
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Human being with feelings
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I've solved the problem.

Somehow when right-clicking on the record arm button of the tack I've noticed that Monitor Input (Tape Auto Style) was enabled. If I change it to Monitor Input everything works as expected.

In case another clueless newb like me stumbles over this issue:

I've looked that up in the manual and indeed, the table in section 24.3 shows all possible combinations and what they do. Invaluable
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