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Originally Posted by Jkeeton72 View Post
Hey Benjamin I'm absolutely loving the software. I've been using it with a Nanokontrol2. I want to upgrade to a midi twister fighter to have the endless encoders. My question for you is can the side buttons on the midi twister be used with realearn? I mean can they be assigned as MIDI so you can use them instead of using the encoder knobs to switch pages? Not a deal breaker if not but I'm just curious and trying to think how I would map things out of my head. This would be nice for not only faders and pan in Reaper but also for sends and channel strip plugins etc. I don't do much keyboard instruments as I play drums and guitar. But this seems like a great controller to do all the other things that I need. Please let me know if you have time and thank you so much for this amazing software.
Absolutely, you can totally customize the side buttons. See https://github.com/helgoboss/realear...ighter-twister.
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