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Default Reascript: Audition Takes

Well... that got a little involved

Ended up rolling my own "Action Marker" instead of using an SWS Action Marker

The initial automatic placement of the marker feels almost spot on on my system with various settings. If anyone tries this out and it isn't quite right, let me know so I can tweak the logic as needed.

The marker can be dragged around to adjust the "switch point" of the takes.

The marker is removed (and previous Repeat state returned) when you hit stop or remove the time selection.

time selection is adjustable after starting play.

If you have a bunch of other markers in the loop selection and you need to adjust the audition point past one of those markers, hit PAUSE on the transport to refresh the marker idx.

//@description Audition Takes 
//@version 1.01
//@author JamesHE
//  -Create a time selection
//  -select the items for which you wish to audition takes
//  -run the script 
//  -play will start immediatly and an "audition" marker will be added near the end of your loop
//  -Repeat will be enabled as needed
//  -Drag the Marker if you need to adjust the timing of the take switching
//  -If you have to drag the marker past an existing marker, you may need to Pause the transport to refind it
//  -If you remove the time selection, or stop the transport, the Action marker will be removed and Repeat status is returned
//  -The initial placement of the "audition" marker is dependant on your audio latency and Track Performance options (Media Buffering and Anticipative FX)
//  -You can make adjustments to the script changing the values in the function "UserEditableValues"

Avaliable in ReaPack (ReaTeam/ReaScripts/Various)

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Just getting around to trying this script for Auditioning Takes.

Really useful. Nice job !
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