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Default MIDI devices in Reaper for Tidalcycles

I'm trying to create a MIDI input device in Reaper so I can send MIDI to it from SuperCollider with the SuperDirt quark using Tidalcycles. Before I was able to do this in Renoise by simply creating a MIDI In device and evaluating this line in SuperCollider:


Doing that would initialize MIDI in SuperDirt and I'd see a string in the post window with the available Midi In device from Renoise, which I could then copy into the next line to evaluate and initialize my device into the midiOut object:

~midiOut = MIDIOut.newByName("Renoise MIDI Input", "Renoise MIDI In Port A")

Trouble is, I've changed my DAW to Reaper for VST3 support. Now I'm having trouble setting up MIDI. I enabled 'Midi Input 1' device, but it doesn't show up in SuperCollider as before when calling 'MIDIClient.init'

I do see 'Midi Input 1' in Jack's audio connection graph, but it's red and I can't make any connection to it.
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