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Default Script query - real-time FULL track parameter linking in one toggle action...

Hi All,

I LOVE this script - spk77_Link selected tracks FX parameters.lua

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent for linking send parameters for selected tracks too? This would be awesome.

Reaper already auto-links things like pan/fader/mute/solo when multiple tracks are selected, and that's great. However the above spk script shows it's possible to do more with scripting - if we had the send control script I just described then we'd only need one more script that links the adding/removal of FX and sends too - so if you have 5 channels selected and this script running, then you remove the FX or send on one track, the corresponding FX/sends on the other selected tracks are also removed. This could work by name or by slot number, name would be tidier I guess, but either would be great to be honest.

I currently have the spk fx linking script set up as a toggle button that I can activate via keyboard shortcut, it lights up so I know it's on, and then deactivates with the same shortcut. If the other scripts I mentioned also exist, then I can combine them all into that same toggle button so that ALL parameters are linked when I switch it on, FX AND send parameters and the adding/removal of both... FULL track linking in one easy toggle action!

Anyone know if this is possible? I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to find it useful.
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Human being with feelings
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